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Steven Liu

My son Liu Yutong (now 13 years old) started to learn piano at the age of five, but he has always treated piano as a fun and hobby, and we didn't pay much attention to it until 2019. We were lucky to meet Mr. Huang. Since July 2019, after learning the piano with Mr. Huang, the child has gradually changed a lot. Mr. Huang is very conscientious and focused in class. He can quickly and accurately find the mistakes and deficiencies of children in the process of playing the piano, and give simple but very reasonable and effective methods to correct and improve children's piano skills. In this way, the child feels that playing the piano is not so difficult and has improved rapidly. Now the child's playing level has improved qualitatively compared with two years ago, and he likes it more and more. There is no need for parents to urge playing the piano, and he can arrange it himself. He is now inspired to become a pianist like Mr. Huang and Lang Lang.

Annabella Dai

An average piano teacher can’t match my daughter’s level, not to mention improve it. My daughter speaks highly of Mr. Huang and considers him the best piano teacher she has ever met. After trained with Mr. Huang, my daughter has greatly improved her techniques, musical and emotional expression. She has elevated herself from an amateur player to a pro. A good piano educator is not easy to find. I am delighted to see how much progress my daughter has made since she was taught by Mr. Huang. I also want to stress that when study with Mr. Huang, these students not only learn piano playing techniques, but also experience charm of the music and open the door to their inner world while improving their artistic accomplishments. No matter where they will be, the artistic comprehension they learn from Mr. Huang will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Zixun Cui

My daughter Zixun CUi showed a strong love for classical music, especially piano performance. After studying with Mr. Huang for just over 8 months, she won the Second Prize in the 2021 Best Bach Performance Competition Series (Age Group I). In April 2021, she again achieved the highest score in the ABRSM Performance Test Grade 4 piano exam, Distinction. For a piano beginner to achieve such good results, it is inseparable from the teacher's high-level teaching. After witnessing Mr. Huang's performance and teaching, I deeply admire his superb performance level and professional teaching methods. It is not difficult to understand why everyone recognizes Mr. Huang's teaching so much that all the international awards he has won are well-deserved.

Zhengyu Yin

Zhengyu started learning piano and has experienced 6 teachers in total. Mr. Huang is the best teacher in our opinion. His performances are full of spirituality and magic and full of passion and the music he plays seems to have vitality and hit people directly souls. Mr. Huang is not only an excellent piano performing artist but also an excellent teacher. He has applied the theoretical knowledge and summed up the experience in his years of piano learning and playing career into teaching practice, forming his unique teaching style. After learning piano with his teacher for several years, Zhengyu's piano learning has undergone surprising changes. He began to love playing the piano, his finger skills became more mature and sophisticated, and he began to learn to comprehend music with his heart and integrate his feelings into his playing. in the music. He won the Second Prize in the 2021 Best Schubert Performance Competition Series (Age Group III). Especially this year, he passed the King's Grade 8 exam with only 2 months of preparation time and achieved an excellent score of 138.

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